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TLC, abide by, accept, accordance, acquittal, acquittance, act up to, adhere to, adherence, advertence, advertency, alertness, animadvert, anticipation, application, assiduity, assiduousness, attend, attend to, attend to orders, attention, attention span, attentiveness, audience, auscultate, awareness, be all ears, be concerned, be faithful to, bear in mind, bend an ear, bug, calculation, canniness, care, careful consideration, carefulness, carrying out, caution, cautiousness, circumspection, circumspectness, cock the ears, cognizance, compliance, comply, comply with, concentration, concern, conform, conform to, conformance, conformity, consciousness, consider, consideration, debate, defer to, deliberate stages, deliberateness, deliberation, diligence, discharge, discretion, do justice to, ear, earnestness, eavesdrop, examine by ear, execution, fill, follow, follow the book, forethought, fulfill, fulfillment, gingerliness, give attention, give audience to, give ear, give heed to, guardedness, hark, harken to, hear, hear out, hearing, hearken, hedge, hedging, heedfulness, heeding, hesitation, hold by, intentiveness, intentness, intercept, interest, judiciousness, keep, keep faith with, keeping, lend an ear, listen, listen at, listen in, listen to, live up to, look, loving care, make good, mark, meet, mind, mindfulness, note, notice, obey, obey the rules, observance, observation, observe, pawkiness, pay attention, pay attention to, performance, practice, preparedness, prior consultation, prudence, prudentialness, reck, regard, regardfulness, remark, respect, safeness, safety first, satisfaction, satisfy, see, sit in on, slowness to act, solicitude, stay in line, study, submit, take, take an interest, take note, take note of, take notice, take orders, tap, tend, tender loving care, tentativeness, think, thoroughness, thought, thoughtfulness, toe the line, uncommunicativeness, unprecipitateness, view, watch, wiretap

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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